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A brilliant young FBI agent. An unpredictable international art thief. What happens next is quite possibly not what you'd expect.

Shadow of the Templar is the story of Simon Drake and Jeremy Archer, two men on opposite sides of the law, and the tenuous relationship they manage to forge and maintain in the face of hopeless odds. Currently projected to be four books long, Shadow of the Templar follows Simon and Jeremy from their first explosive meeting--to what may well be their last.

WARNING: The Shadow of the Templar novels and short stories contain everything your mother ever warned you about: violence, gore, salty and/or suggestive language, mature themes including overt homosexuality, the occasional lavish and lovingly-written sex scene, you name it. Also there are a lot of weapons being pointed at people, occasionally very unpleasant things happen to characters who really deserved better, some of the characters are not very nice at all, and even some of the nicer characters will occasionally act like giant flaming assholes. While it seems a bit fatuous to call Shadow of the Templar 'mature', that's exactly what it is, and as such I'd like to ask you not to read it unless you're certain you can handle it. If you're a minor, I'm sure there are better ways to get your illicit kicks. Go Google for photos of porn stars or something. Sheesh.

In short, if you click any of those links, you're agreeing or pretending that you read the above warning, and if you're offended, don't come whining to me. Well, all right, you can come whining to me, but don't expect to achieve much by it.